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Classic pillows - always hit for sofa.

I have been running Pillowlink shop on my own since 2009.

A couple of years ago I decided to establish and run Pillowlink shop. I am a photographer by education and I also studied sewing technique in 1998-2001. After doing some research I decided to go with the idea to make pillow covers of natural fabrics and sell them online. From the very beginning of Pillowlink I have been its owner, creator and photographer. I constantly explore and try to make use of everything that online selling has to offer to sellers of handmade products.

My husband Augis helps me a lot with everything now. When I got an idea to paint on pillows, he wanted to create something too. And I think I like his ideas even more than mine sometimes. He bought knives for cutting stencils and started making new designs and developing his vision. I call him “my designer” of the new pillow line.. He also helps me drive to fabric stores and take parcels to the post office. We really are a very good team. We keep it simple and it works very well for us.

We are located in Lithuania, Vilnius region, in a small village surrounded by forests. It is our home and we love to be a part of the selling online community, because it gives us freedom in our lives and allows us to develop our ideas and create what we like.

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For few years every address of customers was written by hand by me.
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Our loveliest deers - hit for few years already.
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To all my customers and friends and family...
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Vilnius, Lietuvos Respublika

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