Pillowlink provides classic decorative pillow covers, linen cushion cases and hand knitted pillows.
High quality linen used to sew pillows.
You are welcome to make custom orders. If you would like some different linen colors, custom sizes - contact me and we will arrange order for you personally.

Classic pillows - always hit for sofa.

Change home with long lasting items. Save Earth.

Me - Rosita - an entrepreneur and a mother of three daughters building my family life and online business in a small village at the outskirts of the capital city of Lithuania. By the green forests and meadows.
Buying Pillowlink pillows - you buy good energy for your home and often zero waste products. Always hand crafted with attention to every detail items. Personal attention to every customer. And real people behind the scenes.
You also support our family and we are very thankful for every order here online!
Everything about work–life balance.
Right now, I have enough time for my family, although I feel that it is my business that sometimes gets too little of my attention these days :) I was, at one point, focused on work too much, striving to sell as much as I could and putting an enormous pressure on myself. But it didn't feel right, as family is really important for me and spending time with them is definitely a top priority for me. So now I've allowed myself to work less. I may be making less money, but I am finally able to balance my work and personal life, which means I have more time for my family and myself.

Hand painted pillows are painted by our own hands.
Our loveliest round pillows - new design and popular.
Pillowlink brings quality and coziness to every customer's home.
Table textile also important. Reusable linens - zero waste. Show love to our Earth.
NAtural and grey pillow set is best seller for few years already.